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Kristen Alicia


Contemporary Romance Author

About Me

Kristen Alicia has received praise for her debut romance novel You've Been Served.

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Kristen writes sassy, witty contemporary romance novels about ambitious women and the men who love them. Kristen has an eclectic professional background but has always been a storyteller at heart. 

When Kristen isn't crafting happily ever after, she loves to bake, watch reality TV, travel, and spend time with her family.

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It’s the Magic 8 Ball’s fault. All of it. One teeny little question, and suddenly Simone Alexander is chucking her whole life out the window. So long, being a chef in California—it’s time for law school. In Michigan. Where there’s actual winter.

And law school’s nothing like the romantic comedies said it was.

Simone is tragically underprepared. Hell, she’s already behind before classes have even begun, and her hard-as-nails Contracts professor is giving her no mercy.
Then there’s Silas Whitman, her tall and annoyingly cute neighbor. Off campus, Silas is incredible. Kissable, even. In class, he is one thousand percent the obnoxious kiss-ass.

But Simone’s given up everything to be a lawyer. The competition is fierce and she has a hateful professor gunning for her to fail, but she’s not about to let littlethings like sleep, or love, stop her from kicking law school ass …

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Kristen loves hearing from her readers! You can contact her through her agent Stacey Graham.

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